It’s official…I’m a Starbucks’ coffee snob!

It has been a long time coming, I have fought it for years insisting that I hated Starbucks’ attitude regarding their ‘nobody can touch us’ philosophy about the coffee business.  Even though I have spent a lot of time studying in various Starbucks’ locations I prided myself in the fact that I would not cave into the pressure of becoming a Starbucks’ coffee snob.  But, I am willing to come clean…I finally caved in.

For a moment I think, “It doesn’t count…I don’t even drink coffee anymore.  How can I be a Starbucks’ coffee snob?”  Unfortunately I realize that it doesn’t matter.  Waking up in Gilbert, Arizona, I decide I need to find the nearest Starbucks so I used the handy Starbucks’ application on my iPhone to locate the nearest Starbucks.  Not long after deciding which one I would visit, I am on my way only to find that there is one even closer, one that doesn’t show up on my iPhone.  I make a mental note of this timely discovery thinking, “I wonder how Starbucks missed that location on the iPhone app.”  I walk into the store to see a line of other Starbucks’ snobs arrogantly shouting out their orders from the line as the barista calls them by name, asking if they are going to have their usual.

While I am a first time visitor at this location, when they finally ask me I find myself proudly saying, “A tall vanilla rooibos tea with one honey”, hoping they put the honey in for me…like they do back home.  And then, if that were not enough, when it comes time to pay, I proudly use the iPhone Starbuck’s mobile card app, which lets me put my Starbucks’ cards on my phone and actually pay from my iPhone using the bar code from my Starbucks’ card.  Unashamedly, I don’t even care what people might be thinking as I hold my iPhone up to the scanner.  I walk out of the store, knowing I will visit several more times before I head back home.

So there you have it, I am admitting it, “I am a Starbuck’s coffee snob!”  If I am not careful, I will end up with carrying one of those ‘refillable’ Starbuck’s coffee travel mugs so I can use it wherever I go.


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