Touring the City of Split

Tuesday, March 27th – Split, Croatia

Our first day in Split started with a great Croatian breakfast of breads, cheeses, roasted peppers, mushrooms, eggplant and squash, assorted salami, nuts and dried fruit,not to mention a lot of other atypical breakfast items.

Croatian Breakfast

Ben and Emily joined us for a great time of hearing about their ministry here and their future as missionaries to Croatia. They have such a heart for the country, and it is exciting to be a part of that.

They have had a change of events over the last week or so, which has prompted their deciding where and how the Lord would have them serve.  For the time being it appears that they will be leaving Split and moving to another area where they can better prepare for their ultimate goal of planting a church in Croatia. Needless to say, this is very exciting! We are praying with them, seeking all that the Lord has in store for them. Of course this has made our trip here all the more timely.

The fellowship is quite small, several people meeting in Ben and Emily’s home on Sundays and a Tuesday night prayer meeting. After breakfast and just talking things over for a couple of hours we headed off to take a closer look at the city of Split and the Adriatic Sea.  I love the architecture here, very Italian and Roman.

Italy is only an eight hour ferry ride from the shores of Split. It reminds me a fair amount of the city of Jerusalem with all of the narrow walkways, etc. The people are very interesting.  As we walked through the city we walked through the ruins of the palace of Diocletian the Roman Emperor who caused quite a lot of anguish for Christians in the latter part of the third century. Two years before the end of his highly effective reign, Diocletian suddenly ordered the most viscous of all persecutions of the Christians. The city, with all the shops an all, is built around the ruins of the palace.

Diocletian's Palace

Our tour of the city included an open market, the Croatian version of Pike Place Market in Seattle. Lots of fruit and vegetables and fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea. We walked up a series of stairs along a stone path which led to Marion hill where we stopped for a cappuccino at a cafe overlooking the city and the sea. As you can see, it was very beautiful.

On the way to Marion Hill

We concluded our afternoon with a meeting and coffee (of course) with Tim and Grace Warholic, the pastor of Calvary Chapel Split. They have four young children and it was fun watching them run around the area where we were sitting. **Emily made us a great dinner of homemade minestrone soup, garlic bread, salami and cheese. This was promptly followed by a prayer meeting. I had the blessing of sharing some things from the Psalms as a prelude to a sweet time of prayer.

We met new friends, Allison (from the UK), Teah and Antonella from Croatia and experienced what I call the European ‘air kiss’ where you touch cheeks and kiss the air. I had to learn the proper way of going to the right first, otherwise you run the risk of a collision of lips right in the middle of the greeting or goodbye…awkward!

After a time of more fellowship, a stop for some gelato it was back to the hotel and to bed for a short night’s sleep. We are still struggling with a bit of jet lag, starting to get tired in the late afternoon. I find that we need to press through that, but when our heads finally hit the pillow, it is lights out.

Until next tomorrow…blessings!

P.S. From this point forward, at the end of each post I will be putting a slide show of some extra photos.  Hope you enjoy them!

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