Another year gone by…


It is hard to believe that yet another year has gone by.  It seems that the older I get, the faster the time goes by.  I am so encouraged and renewed in my faith and my desire to grow stronger in the Lord this year.  I believe that He has so very much for us if we would but fully surrender our all to Him.

One of the things I am wanting to do more of this year is write.  I love writing and want to improve.  In fact I just recently read a good article which brought up the subject of writing and its importance.  In it the author said;

“What the church needs today is deeply spiritual leaders. And a writing pastor is most often a deeper man than he would be otherwise. So whether in notes, letters, journal entries, articles, blogs, or sermon manuscripts, a pastor can practice deepening his own mind and soul through writing. This will, in time, deepen the souls of those to whom he ministers.”

And so, one of the ways I hope to improve my writing and communication through the written word is through blogging.  And to start the New Year off right, I am starting with a new blog.  My desire is that it would encourage people in any number of ways.  That it would not only take them deeper in their faith, but also lighten their days.  We need to light hearted in the challenging times in which we live.

Check it out.  Start with the Welcome page as it will give you an idea of how I categorized all of the different posts, or at least how I intend to.  Lastly, please post any comments you may have.  I am renewed in my desire to correspond with my readers in a meaningful way that hopefully will encourage them.

Another year gone by…and so looking forward to the year that is to come.  I am trusting, believing, and praying that it will be the best year ever…for each of us.


2 thoughts on “Another year gone by…

  1. Thanks so much Pastor Ron. I am so looking forward, also, to what this year will bring, and growing ever closer to my Savior. I am so excited, and will covet your prayers as I pray for you.

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