Waiting for Someone You Love


When was the last time you waited for someone you love? This thought came to my mind this morning as I was reading ‘The Pursuit of God’ and I began to meditate upon it.

“A spiritual kingdom lies all about us, enclosing us, embracing us, altogether within reach of our inner selves, waiting for us to recognize it. God Himself is here waiting our response to His Presence. This eternal world will come alive to us the moment we begin to reckon upon its reality.”

As I read these words, the word ‘waiting’ jumped out at me. Oh how my heart longs to know the Lord more intimately than I currently do. I long to experience the ‘spiritual kingdom’ which Tozer speaks of. I long to have the eternal world come alive to me. “Why don’t I?” I am sure that I know. I don’t take enough time to sit still, to wait, and reach deep within my heart in order to respond to ‘His Presence’.

I know that He is waiting for me to recognize spiritual truths. I know that He so desires for me to love Him and know Him more intimately than I do.

When my wife and I were dating, I never would have thought about making her wait for an extended period of time. Why? Because I was as excited to be with her, as she was to be with me. It would have been impossible for me to experience the joy of knowing my wife had I kept her waiting and not spent time with her, seeking to know her heart.

And so it is with God. I cannot expect to understand the deepest things of God, unless I answer His call to know me.

Lord help me to respond to Your Presence. I long for the spiritual world to come alive in me. Help me to reckon upon its reality as my heart cries out to you.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Someone You Love

  1. Thank you Ron, this more than any of your other (which were great) postings jumped out at me. I have printed it and put a copy of it on my desk (in front of my computer) and a copy also in my sewing room .. the two places I live and love but that consume most of my time. Again, thank you!

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