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I have been thinking a lot about “modern day evangelism” and how casual we can take the sharing of the profound truth about how a person is saved. We have narrowed it down to a succinct three minute presentation or an appeal for someone to simply say a prayer that is attached to the back of a cleverly written tract.

I believe that we seriously underestimate our audience and what it is they are believing, many that they are already Christians. Oh how we must seek the Scriptures, and the leading of the Holy SPirit if we ever expect to be used to see people come to faith in Christ.

Watch this video entitled “Questions and Answers: 2 hours, 40 questions, 40 answers”. It is a sobering reminder of how effectively the enemy has crept in and led many to believe they are Christians when in fact they have no knowledge whatsoever of what Jesus said and what it means to be a follower of Christ.


2 thoughts on “Get Out of Hell FREE Card

  1. The most shocking thing to me here was to listen to the hatred and the mockery. I know Jesus has experienced this (and more) before. But I have not ever witnessed such. I was just thanking God for the pastor who continued to try to show love and salvation. it was a lesson in who we must become character wise for the days ahead.

    I found it chilling.

    I could almost hear the voices yelling “Crucify”. The mocking voice saying…what was the sacrifice, anyway? And the clear deceiving work of the enemy.

    But that one little girl that got up and asked the question about why do you keep saying “we”…was especially heartbreaking as that was a defining moment for her and not a good one. she seems so young to be pulled into all that.


    The time is getting short. I want to pray more…so often I’m weaker here than I want to be.

    I thank God that the kingdom consists “not in words, but in power.”. 1 Cor

    And that nothing can separate us.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I couldn’t agree more, especially regarding that young girl introduced by her father. Certainly drives home the importance of Proverbs 22:6 and the importance of training up our children in the way of the Lord.

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