Seahawks 43, Broncos 8


“It’s a football ‘game’…a ‘game’, a ‘game’!” That is what I emphatically said as I stood at the pulpit and brought my Sunday message to a close.

Who would have thought, certainly not I, how those words would have been tested within just a few hours. Having been born in Denver and lived in the Rocky Mountains over half of my life, I am a Bronco fan. As I write this post, I sit in the Seattle airport amidst the thousands of blue and green t-shirts, flags, balloons along with occasional shouts of “Sea” “hawks” echoing throughout terminal. The only consolation will be when we land in Denver (to visit my mother) and I will be amidst the thousand of others, donning the orange and blue, who are mourning the championship game where Denver didn’t show up.

I am proudly wearing my Denver a Broncos t-shirt, holding my head high, unsure of what people’s response would be…especially when I removed my hoodie at security. One very kind TSA agent said, “Sorry for your loss Sir.” The wife of a couple with small children, everyone completely decked out in Seattle attire, told the sales clerk how they had a layover in Denver and wanted to “represent”. She turned around, looked at my shirt and simply said with a genuine consolatory look, “It was a good game.” I guess, if you can call a one sided blow-out…a good game. I’m certain that had the roles been reversed I would have said the same thing.

To all of my Seattle family at home it seemed prudent and time efficient to copy and paste the same message to the many texts and Facebook posts I received.

“Congratulations! So wish it could have been a better game. Seattle was amazing. So happy for Wilson.”

Getting ready to take off and the Southwest flight attendant just welcomed us by saying, “Welcome to Southwest’s flight to Denver…the city that needs to teach their quarterback how to catch a snap.” To be honest, it made me laugh, in fact…every time I think about it, I laugh.

“It’s a football ‘game’…a ‘game’, a ‘game’!”


One thought on “Seahawks 43, Broncos 8

  1. Pastor Ron, I read your post this evening and was inspired to send you this reply.I for one am glade you stood true to your roots and the Denver Broncos. The win by the Seattle Seahawk’s certainly was good for the city and I hope that folks pay attention to the response by Russell Wilson that he gave this to God.I know that Face book gets lots of folks looking at posts to see what others think.The short film Making of a champion that was posted by many on facebook that show es how Russell and 5 other men came to our Lord Jesus Christ and states that all things are possible with him.When some champions are made some still have that empty feeling that tells them is that it?     I think to myself I am glade that folks like Russell Wilson and the other five men had the courage to make this short film.That they stand up for Jesus and tell the fans with conviction that nothing is possible without him.That they encourage you to find out more about Jesus.I know that we may never be a Russell Wilson or Payton Manning although we are still champions because we serve the Lord Jesus Christ.I believe that perhaps in some small way God used this Superbowl and these men to bring folks to Jesus.In there statements we will never know how many they brought to Jesus. If they only brought one well that is one more sole saved Paris the Lord for that.I know that “It’s a football game.. a ‘game. Perhaps the Lord used this to bring more attention to Russell and the other five to get the message out about Jesus that the time is now.I am glade you stayed true to your roots that just show-es your Integrity. Just as Payton was leaving the field he searched for Sherman to ask about his injury and that he hopes that he will recover soon.What a class act after such a loss.Give praise to the Lord Jesus always. Yes Pastor it is only a game. Have a safe trip and see ya when you return. Your Fellow servant of the Lord.

    Jurgen Schlemmer

    >________________________________ > From: “”Ron Sánchez”” >To: >Sent: Monday, February 3, 2014 12:21 PM >Subject: [New post] Seahawks 43, Broncos 8 > > > >Ron Sanchez posted: ” “It’s a football ‘game’…a ‘game’, a ‘game’!” That is what I emphatically said as I stood at the pulpit and brought my Sunday message to a close. Who would have thought, certainly not I, how those words would have been tested within just a few hours.” >

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