Living in Troubled Times!

My Brother, Mother, and Me (circa 1953)

My Brother, Mother, and Me (circa 1953)

There is no question that we are living in troubled times. Times which are best described by the apostle Paul as times when people are consumed with self, boasting of a form of godliness but denying the power of true godliness, times when people are always learning but unwilling to acknowledge truth. Paul described such times as “perilous”, times of great stress (2 Tim 1-7).

We are living in a time when people have willfully exchanged truth for the lie and chosen to worship and serve creatures rather than their Creator (Rom 1:25). We are living in times which the prophet Isaiah warned about, times when truth has become relative and we call evil good and good evil, we call dark things light and light things dark and conclude that we are wise and prudent (Is 5:20-21). We are living in times of great discontent where everyone goes to great lengths to make sure that everyone can do what they feel is right in their own eyes and we call it progress (Jgs 17:6).

I am grieved that my children’s children will never know a time when evil was called evil and thereby avoided, a time when good was called good and thereby embraced. They will not know a time when it was an honorable thing to call truth the truth and it was rewarded, a time when a lie was called a lie and liars faced consequences.

My heart breaks to think that they will be confused about what the words “modesty” and “shame” really mean and that they will be pressured to conform to a new way of thinking…the “right way” of thinking. I am broken hearted at the pressures they will face to conform Biblical Christian beliefs, beliefs that men and women over the centuries have sacrificed their lives to uphold, because they now live in a society that calls such religious beliefs “bigotry.”

The threats and mounting pressures against Biblical Christianity today and its definition of marriage and family is unprecedented in the 62 years I have lived. My heart resonates deeply with the words of Rick Scarborough, President of Vision America:

“We are approaching a Bonhoeffer moment in America…Outrageous penalties are now being assessed against people of faith and conviction who haven’t changed their position on marriage. Rather it’s the courts that have changed the definitions, the rules and laws that now govern us. They are ruling against Nature’s Law and Nature’s God. Christians are being declared the lawbreakers when we are simply living by what we have always believed, and by a set of laws that the culture historically has agreed to.”

I urge you to take some time to consider what our children’s children are facing in the world today. I urge you to read the following articles below regarding what is taking place in our country on both a local and national level and the landmark decision that rests on the Supreme Court of our nation at this very moment. All Christians must be willing to stand for righteousness (Biblical righteousness).

We must be courageous enough to lovingly and boldly stand for and speak truth. Above all we must fervently pray for our nation, for our children and especially for those who are currently being persecuted for their Christian beliefs.

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” Jesus Christ

The Defend Marriage website contains valuable information and an opportunity to sign the Marriage Pledge.


‘We will not obey’: Christian leaders threaten civil disobedience if Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage

Franklin Graham Defends Christian Bakery Persecuted By LGBT Activists, Govt.

“It is Going to Be an Issue” — Supreme Court Argument on Same-Sex Marriage Puts Religious Liberty in the Crosshairs


9 thoughts on “Living in Troubled Times!

  1. If we as Christians conform to the society’s desire for Christian views to only be lived out in the church building then our faith is not real. True Christian faith penetrates all of life: worship, work, play, education…

    This is a good question:

    “If a company like GoFundMe can decline customers based on their beliefs, why can’t a Christian-owned company decline customers based on their beliefs?”

  2. Pastor Ron, I am very hesitant about the call to civil disobedience, as I am not aware of Scripture that supports civil disobedience as a means of changing laws.

    1. The biblical text that comes to mind is when Peter and John were brought before the Sanhedrin and told not to preach in the name of Jesus anymore. They’re response was: “We ought to obey God rather than men” Acts 5:29. While I understand that this was the religious council of the Jews, at this time the Sanhedrin had the Roman stamp of approval on their dealings, they were in agreement with one another as long as they didn’t step on Rome’s toes. Additionally, history tells us that numerous Christians were condemned to death for not bowing down to the Roman authorities when it came to the matters of allegiance. I believe we are called to be obedient to the authorities and certainly to pray for them (Rom 13:1) but not when authorities are trying to force Christians to accept unBiblical truths. This is where the line must be drawn. The term “civil disobedience” can tend to draw militant images in people’s minds, Christians should not be a part of that. It is defined as “the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws, demands, or commands of a government, or of an occupying international power.” We are called to obey the law of the land, Jesus certainly emphasized this, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s” Matthew 22:21. For Christians, marriage belongs to God, He created it (Gen 2:15-24; Mat 9:4-9). When what what God created is threatened to be changed, I believe we are biblically called to stand on God’s side. Those are my thoughts…thanks for sharing yours.

      1. Thank you for defining civil disobedience and giving your interpretation of how the call to civil disobedience should be played out. I can fully support that. I had images of blocking freeways to get attention, doing things to try to get arrested, and getting caught in a crowd that turns violent, and I want no part of that. I agree with refusing to follow a specific law that goes against what God says, but I think it is wrong to break other laws as a protest to the law that goes against God. My dictionary gives an example: “In an act of civil disobedience, the family sent its tax money to an antiwar organization.” I wish those who issued the challenge had been more clear.

  3. Yesterday’s (5/15/15) Wall Street Journal contained an article that proved God’s words in Romans 1:18-32. The gay community has successfully pushed their marriage agenda into the Supreme Court. God is now turning them over to their sins. He did the same thing to the Israelites when their idolatry led to the Babylonian Captivity (Ezek 39:21-24). Insurance companies are planning on only giving benefits to spouses if same-sex marriage is made legal, and the gay community is balking at this! . I pray that God will have mercy on our nation as He did on the Israelites. Through Ezekiel (Ezek 39:25-29), God promised that He would bring that nation back to Himself after they had borne their shame. In Nehemiah 9:30-31, we see that in God’s great mercy, He did not utterly consume the captives in Babylon. I pray for His great mercy on our nation too.

    1. It didn’t seem to accept my link. The name of the Wall Street Journal article is “Firms Tell Gay Couples: Wed Or Lose Your Benefits”.

    2. Thanks for your comments Heather. I pray that we might always represent the heart of Jesus in ministering to all people who are lost, whatever their issues may be. God knows knows everyone needs Jesus!

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