Monday Musings & Miscellany…on Thursday

There are so many miscellaneous things that I run across throughout my week; blog posts, articles, videos, quotes, etc., things that speak to me personally, things that make me laugh, and things that deeply stir my heart. Rarely do I come across one of these things that I don’t think of many of you and with that a desire to share it.  And so, I will often turn to social media. Sometimes I post them on FaceBook, maybe a tweet here and there on Twitter, or a personal text or email to someone who comes to mind. But I never quite feel like I have shared it with everyone whom I would have liked to.

Some of those “musings” are for spiritually mature and hungry Christians and some are for those who are interested in spiritual things but not quite ready to make the leap to becoming a Christian. Some are for those who are in full time ministry, or hope to be one day and some are for those who are in full time ministry but have to work another full time job to feed their family and pay their bills. Some are for students, stay at home moms, single moms and dads, singles who desire to be married, and others are simply for those who are just trying to live life well in the midst of the sea of confusing things we see in the world today. You get the idea.

All this to say, in an attempt to reach more of the people I care most about, as efficiently as I can, I have started a weekly blog post, which will post to Facebook and/or be in your email on Monday morning (if you are a subscriber). Obviously, by the title of this first post, the first one is coming out on “Thursday.” I just had too many things to share that I couldn’t wait until Monday. Alright, I know that I am impatient.

My thanks to Tim Challies and his daily “A La Carte” for giving me this idea and from whom I get some of the things that will show up on Mondays, and for his permission to use a similar format. I love and appreciate Tim’s writing and ministry very much. Although I am not fully convinced he is human. I have never run across anyone who writes as profusely as he does. At the very least he must be some sort of superhuman.

I also want to thank those of you (you know you you are) for the consistent flow of great blog posts, articles and other “miscellany” you send me. Keep them coming!

Finally, a special thank you to my daughter Whitney who has been a great source of “Musings & Miscellany” for me over the years, but especially for coming up with a great title for this weekly post.

Just click on the heading of each item and it will take you to the source. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear some feedback from you.

“Do not let the noises of this world so confuse me that I cannot hear you speak.” John Baillies. If you are looking for a great way to kick start your time of daily prayer, John Baillies book is very helpful. My wife Jenny and I have been using it off and on for the past couple of years.

Great blog post on how we can take advantage of “boredom.” Kevin DeYoung is one of my favorite authors. He has written a number of books, one in particular “Crazy Busy” really helped be better understand the reality that you cannot accomplish everything you would like to and that at some point in your life you must “kill the beast of busyness.”

This is a great post by Tim Challies, “Kindness That Comes Too Late,” on the importance of not waiting until a person’s memorial service to let them know the things you appreciated about them. Do it now!


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