Monday Musings & Miscellany


It is not unusual for me to camp out at a Starbucks or some other coffee shop to get some work done. Usually I work alone but in this case I had a visitor. Only the window separated us. This dog sat there for some 20 or 30 minutes, didn’t budge, while their owner enjoyed a cup of coffee.


“The love of God, as manifested in Jesus Christ, is what I would wish to be the abiding object of my contemplation; not merely to speculate upon it as a doctrine, but so to feel it, and my own interest in it, as to have my heart filled with its effects, and transformed into its resemblance; that, with this glorious exemplar in my view, I may be animated to a spirit of benevolence, love and compassion, to all around me; that my love may be primarily fixed upon him who has so loved me, and then, for his sake, diffused to all his children, and to all his creatures.” John Newton, Jewels from John Newton, April 2nd

Surprise! John Newton again. I make no apologies for the way that Newton ministers to the deepest part of my heart. The words “not merely speculate upon it as doctrine” really stirred my heart. I am often reminded how easy it is to treat spiritual truth as teaching rather than living words that transform our lives.


Matthew 6:34 (ESV) — “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

This is a great Monday, start of the week, verse, the words of Jesus himself. If we apply them properly they put all things into perspective. I think of this verse often when I am tempted to worry about the circumstances that surround me. In verse 27 Jesus reminds us that worrying about our circumstances won’t change one single thing.


“Dating is an intentional pursuit of marriage, not casual preparation for it. Unfortunately, many of us are being told we must date early and often if we ever want to be ready for marriage.”

Oh how I wish I would have read this and taken it to heart 50 years ago. It would have saved me countless hours of heartache. If you are young and single, old and single, or married, read this article. I have never heard the things the author says in the way that he says them. I would concur wholeheartedly with his observations.


“Character is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that’s right is to get by, and the only thing that’s wrong is to get caught.”

It is pretty hard not to like Vice President Pence. While I am sure there are many who would contend with his moral stance on marriage and abortion, they would be hard pressed and might I say foolish to question his integrity. We need more men like him leading our nation!


“Here we desire God more than we enjoy him. But the time is short and in mere hours, days, or years we will will see him face to face. Then we will leave behind all the difficulties of this world to rest in him forever.”

I once heard that the only statistic that will never lie is that “1 out of every 1 person will die.” We live in a time when medicine is seeking harder and harder and spending billions of dollars on research in an attempt to extend life as long as possible. I am not necessarily saying that this is a bad thing, but it would behoove us to consider the brevity of life this side of eternity. Tim Challies gives four good reasons we should be glad that life is short.


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings & Miscellany

  1. Hello Pastor Ron,
    I was very impressed with the views and standards of VP Pence. It was refreshing to see someone in leadership of our nation stand behind the values that are so important. Unfortunately I was not surprised about the reaction from the left and the media on those values. Anything in our country that stands for values, morality and integrity is labeled by the left as old-fashioned, puritanical, discriminatory, chauvinistic or any other term that degrades and misrepresents the individual(s) that hold those views. I also try to hold myself and my actions above reproach. I am not always successful and am extremely thankful for our loving, gracious and forgiving God. I will continue to lift up the leadership of our nation and pray more of them would mirror the example set by our VP.

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