Monday Musings & Miscellany


For the most part my “Monday Musing” happens at our local Chick-fil-A restaurant. It’s true, we have a Chick-fil-A in Puyallup, Washington.

There are a number of things I really appreciate about Chick-fil-A. It goes without saying that the food is quite good, but what I really love is the people and there service. No offense but Walmart could take some serious lessons from the Chick-fil-A of customer service. Not only are they incredibly friendly and helpful, but they seem to really enjoy working here.

What I really like about them is that they are closed on Sundays. Don’t they realize they are losing money? And that is the point, of course they do, but giving their employees the day off and setting apart Sunday for worship takes the greater priority. I love asking the employees, “How was your day off?” knowing that each of them had the previous day off. There is something very right about that!


“All the concerns which relate solely to this life, will then be found as trivial as the traces of a dream from which we are awakened.?” John Newton, Jewels from John Newton, April 28th

Perhaps I should start calling this the “John Newton Quote of the Week.” Newton just has a way of capturing so many of my thoughts about life and eternity. There is much to be concerned about in this life and I love how Newton has this amazing ability to point people to heaven and what really matters. I pray that my life and writing might accomplish the same thing.


Mark 8:36 (ESV) — For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

I think a lot about how important this world is to so many people, how important it used to be to me. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful to be on this earth and I want to make the best of it. However the more I grow in my faith, the more I realize how fleeting life can be. I want to be burdened for those who are frantically searching for things to satisfy knowing that only Jesus truly satisfies the soul. I pray for a boldness to exude Jesus in all that I do. He brings so much joy to a person’s heart.

PLEASE NOTE: It dawned on me recently that I never made it clear that if you click on the “red titles” it will take you to the website of the particular article or video I reference.


“There is a tremendous glory that God displays when, without tipping his hand to us in advance, we suddenly recognize that he was working his will all along when we couldn’t see it. And he is also merciful to withhold information from us that he knows we aren’t ready to know, even if we think we really want to.”

How many times have you wished that your cell phone would ring and when you answer it it would be God giving you all of your marching orders for the day. I would love that. Fortunately it doesn’t work that way. This article is a great reminder as to why it is that God keeps us from knowing what he is doing.


“When I fear my faith will fail, Christ will hold me fast; When the tempter would prevail, He will hold me fast. I could never keep my hold, Through life’s fearful path; For my love is often cold; He must hold me fast.”

I first heard this song at Capital Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C. It was one of the most beautiful church services I have ever attended. I wept as I heard the church singing all the while the Lord ministering to my heart. This particular version, sung by Keith & Kristyn Getty, has a beautiful instrumental intro to the song. I pray that it will minister to your hearts. Surely the Lord is faithful to hold us fast through all things.

Listen to this version (scroll down to “Hark! I Hear the Harps Eternal | Capitol Hill Baptist Church and click on #18 He Will Hold Me Fast) which was recorded at the church. I love listening to it as it reminds me of when I was there. I am listening to it as I type. I love hearing congregations worshipping God.


“As we prepare to worship on Sunday morning, our first consideration should be ‘how to stir up one another to love and good works.’ We should approach Sunday deliberately, eager to do good to others, to be a blessing to them.”

In light of my comments on what I appreciate about Chick-fil-A, I thought this aritcle was a great reminder of the value of church and the consequences of skipping it. I never thought about it from the perspective which Challies writes. Definitely a good read.

Have a blessed week in Jesus!


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