Monday Musings & Miscellany


A number of years ago we took our grandsons to visit my in-laws who have a house on the North fork of the Coeur d’Alene river. We too our dog Jed with us and our grandson Judah kept complaining about Jed’s breath and how badly it smelled. On one occasion I looked around and Judah had taken two breath mints and pressed them on his nostrils, to take away the smell. These were the first “nose mints” I had ever seen. He will probably make millions off of the idea.


“Our names are not actually inserted in the Bible, but our characters are described there. He is the Redeemer of all who put their trust in him. You will not trust in him, unless you feel your need of him; you cannot, unless you know him as he is revealed in the word; you do not, unless you love him and are devoted to his cause and services. If you know yourself to be a sinner deserving to perish, if that you see there is no help or hope for you but in Jesus, and venture yourself upon his gracious invitation, believing that he is able to save to the uttermost; and if you include holiness and a deliverance from sin, in the idea of the salvation which you long for, then he is your Redeemer.” John Newton, Jewels from John Newton, June 12th

Is Jesus your Redeemer? I so appreciate what John Newton says here about our inability to trust the Lord unless we feel a great need for him. Oh that we would embrace our need for Jesus in the spirit of the old hymn, “I need thee oh I need thee, Every hour I need thee, Oh bless me now my savior, I come to thee.”


Matthew 16:26 (ESV) — 26 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?

Yesterday was Father’s Day and with it my family’s tradition of letting me watch the U.S. Open golf tournament all afternoon. This year the difference in one stroke too many on the last hole of the tournament resulted in the second place finisher having to share his portion of the money won. That one stroke resulted in a loss of over $200,000. The announcer reminded the winner, who took home a first place check of $2.13 million dollars, that as a result of his name being added to the United States Golf Championship trophy, his life would never be the same. Matthew records the words of Jesus which puts things in the right perspective


Is there any trait more odious than pride or more precious than humility? Is there any trait whose presence we so highly honor in others and whose absence we so readily excuse in ourselves? Truly, pride is the chief of sins and humility the highest of virtues.

I believe that everyone, at one time or another, had dealt with the ugly sin of pride. As I reflect on the ugliness of my own heart, I can easily and ashamedly put myself at the top of that list. I praise God for his mercy and grace and that over time the Holy Spirit has patiently brought me to a place of understanding pride’s prevalence in my heart and how it is constantly lurking, seeking to rear it’s ugly head at a moment’s notice. In my inner man I deal with it constantly and I know that it is only in Christ that it will be defeated.

“10 Sure Marks of Humility” by Tim Challies is a wonderful article that will convict you greatly and encourage you at the same time. That is unless you are too prideful to read it.


It is good to desire success and good to dream of it. It is good to set goals and a pleasure to achieve them. But danger comes when too much of our effort has gone into gaining success and too little into gaining sanctification. When pursuing goals outstrips pursuing godliness we leave ourselves vulnerable to pride and greed and a million other sins.

This is an excellent article, short but very meaty. At first read you may think it doesn’t apply to you, but the more you think about it, I think you will find that it evokes a number of emotions. For me it was a contentment in the Lord and a reminder to keep things in the right perspective.


The thought of delight in religious exercise is so strange to most men that no two words in their language stand further apart than holiness and delight.

One of my favorite Psalms has always been Psalm 37:4: “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your hear. I have always understood it to be, not a self serving Psalm “The more I delight in God the more he will give me,” but rather the more you delight in God, the more he becomes all you want.


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