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“Bye, By Birdie” at the Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, 1963 (from left to right: Me, George (some lady who thought she should be in the picture, our father José, and our stepmother Marlene)

Life has seemed, or always seems, a bit of a whirlwind of late. Been trying to post this Musings since being back from visiting my mother in Colorado. I always love visiting Colorado for a number of reason, obviously surrounding my family. Apart from my mother, the one I have had the blessing of enjoying the longest is my brother George. He turned 70 years old this year. As I watched him, I realized, yet again, how very fast time passes and how we must make the best of it. In many respects, I feel very young, until I look in the mirror.


“We are better to be without God’s laws than the Pope…I defy the Pope and all his laws.  If God spare my life ere many years, I will cause the boy who drives the plow to know more of the Scriptures than you.” William Tyndale

October 6th marked the anniversary of William Tyndale’s martyrdom. Tyndale was a confident, bold, and fearless theologian and scholar who translated the Bible into an early form of Modern English, likely with Luther’s help in Wittenberg. It is so easy to take for granted the men and women who gave their lives for the preservation of God’s word.

If you want to learn more about this amazing man, you can check out out a blog post Jenny wrote on Tyndale. It is really good.


Isaiah 26:3–4 (ESV) — You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.

I am appreciating the value of reading and meditating on God’s word more than ever. At the same time I am greatly convicted of how little of it I do. I want to read more and yet I find so much busyness in my life that I fall short. I am determined to not let it be so. There are such wonderful things that come about, when we read and meditate on the Word of God, it keeps our minds “stayed on him,” and when our minds are fixed on the Lord, we find great peace.


“A warmer breeze fans the sailor’s face as he nears the shore of immortality; fewer waves ruffle his sea; quiet reigns, deep, still and solemn. From the altar of age the flashes of the fire of youth are gone, but the deepening flame of sincere feeling remains.”

I wish I would have considered the brevity of life while I was younger. I might have spent it differently, rearranged my priorities, and took more time to consider the things that really matter. It is never too late to start doing that.


“Is there any way in which she (wife) holds me back? Only in the sense in which that’s what marriage is about, tying yourself to someone saying, ‘I’m going to live in a way that serves you, I’m going to live in a way that honors you, I’m going to let go of some of my preferences, I’m not going to make some of the choices I would rather make, because I love you.”

As you know, Tim Challies is featured in my Musings and Miscellany (formerly Monday Musings & Miscellany 🙂 I subscribe to his blog and recently through this video found out that he is no longer able to type due to a medical condition in his wrists. So, rather than slip into a funk, he posted a video which I really enjoyed watching, and was both challenged and encouraged.

Challies speaks of an encounter he had with a salesperson at the camera store where he purchased some equipment to make these videos and when interrupted by a call from his wife, the salesperson made a comment in reference to his “wife calling” referring to her as “The Ole Ball and Chain.” I absolutely love what Challies has to say and wholeheartedly agree. I was so encouraged by what he said and thankful for Jenny. I realize that some may not see their spouse in this way, to which I would suggest taking some time for some personal reflection to see what you might be doing to cause her to be any less than a support and an encouragement to you. I know that when I begin to think of Jenny being an obstacle to anything I do, it is generally because I have a wrong sense of the reason God created marriage in the first place. The sooner I repent, the sooner I get to that good place of appreciating her for the gift she is.


One thought on “Musings & Miscellany

  1. Hi Pastor Ron!
    Thanks so much for the post about the ‘ole ball and chain’. It was so sweet to hear Challies’ talk about his wife in such an honorable way and it’s so neat to think that, without hearing his wife speak a word or meeting her, you know she loves Jesus. What an encouragement to us wives to love our husbands well! Thanks for sharing!!

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