“I am kissing texting goodbye!”



The time has finally come for me to say ‘goodbye’ to texting. I can hear some of you laughing even as I type this, you are thinking “Yeah right!” I have talked about it for a long time, even made some feeble attempts to stop, but this time I’m serious and quite determined. I am weary of the pressure of not answering texts as fast as the communication platform of texting demands and I find that the only time I really like texting is when I am the one waiting impatiently for the immediate answer. I too get frustrated when it doesn’t come fast enough. That just doesn’t seem right does it?

Months ago I heard a quote from someone I highly respect and it has resonated with me ever since. I have it written out on a sticky note on my computer and it is a regular item for prayer and meditation on my prayer list. It simply says, “We need to learn how to slow everything down.” I find that text messaging does just the opposite, it speeds things up.

The older I get and the faster and more numerous the various messages this brain receives, the greater the struggle to keep up. At times it is exhausting. My mind gets overly cluttered with so many alerts and demands on my attention that I either forget to respond, or respond too quickly to cultivate the relationship I desire. As a result I may never get back to the task, the text, the email, or the project that warrants my undivided attention.

What happened to the personal touch of actually interacting with people? What happened to using meaningful and thoughtful words to describe our lives and feelings, developing relationships rather than trying to decipher the barrage of ‘texting shorthand’ amidst the myriad of ‘emoticons’ which are supposed to help us better understand who we really are?

Emails replaced handwritten letters, and now it seems as though texting is replacing emails. Our communication is growing with such volume and speed that we don’t slow down long enough to really get to know one another. Is this really the quality of communication we want? I certainly don’t. In a book I have been reading, “The Art of the Handwritten Note: A Guide to Reclaiming Civilized Communication,” the author writes: “One of the greatest human experiences; receiving the gift of another person’s attention.” I might add, ‘undivided attention’. I believe that a well thought out email can effectively communicate the writer’s care for the recipient far more than a text.

And so, I do hope to hear from you, via email (ron@thechapel.church), and I will do my best to respond in a timely and thoughtful manner.

Have you ever thought about texting less, or not at all?


4 thoughts on ““I am kissing texting goodbye!”

  1. I love this Pastor Ron! I recognize my own metamorphosis (sadly), where I used to scratch my head when couples texted rather than a quick call when necessary during a work day. Or when someone texted and they were only upstairs. It felt impersonal and while I saw the efficiency at times, I was concerned at the relational aspect that was missing. And now I am guilty of the same.
    I HAVE begun to call when a text becomes a conversation, rather than a quick informational bullet (what time do you want to meet, what’s your ETA, back home safe and sound, etc). So I GET this and am excited to hear how it improves your life and relationships. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dear Lisa, I’ve been kicking it around for awhile, did some research on how to stop and finally decided to go for it. Thanks so much for the encouragement! Have a blessed day and wonderful first week of the New Year! Pastor Ron

  2. The need is there. The desire to detach from the modern day rush and anxiety.

    The heart at the matter of communication and social intimacy is so much deeper than our abuse of texting.

    I respect your willingness to fearlessly pioneer such a undervalued opportunity.
    I look forward to following you venture into the forgotten world.

    1. I would agree, the misuse ‘abuse’ as you called it goes much deeper which is another subject altogether for sure. The gist of my reasoning is to slow my life down so that I can focus more on the things that the Lord is calling me to do. Thanks for reading!

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