Wasting Our Lives Away


As I was reading ‘The Pursuit of God’ this morning (only after perusing Facebook first) I could not resist using this Facebook image.

I won’t go into the mundane posts I read, intermixed with a very few meaningful ones. However, I did find it interesting and somewhat ironic when I read the Facebook post telling the story of a mother who took her kids to the beach. The post went on to describe how she missed all of the cute and special things they were doing because her face was buried in her phone. I thought to myself, “She is probably checking out her Facebook page.”

As I read Tozer’s chapter on ‘Removing the Veil’ I came upon this very convicting quote:

“God wills that we should push on into His Presence and live our whole life there. This is to be known to us in conscious experience. It is more than a doctrine to be held, it is a life to be enjoyed every moment of every day.”

As I read this, I thought “Lord, this is where I want to live my whole life, every moment of every day.” And then, a flood of thoughts entered my mind and heart. I began to think of Ephesians which tells us how we are to walk cautiously, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. I thought of the Psalms that tell us that our lives, at their best state, are but vapor. I thought, “Oh Lord, help me to keep from wasting life on meaningless things that bear little fruit.”

I will close this post with one more image, that again I found to be a bit ironic and yet altogether true.


And that was written well over a hundred years ago…I wonder what he would say today?