Eating Alone


As I look at this picture, along with many of you as well, I cannot help but remember that feeling of eating alone. Who can forget that deep sense of hurt that came with being alone, while others around you seemed to be having the time of their lives? And there we sat.

I thought of this this morning as I was reading through the account of Joseph in the book of Genesis. I thought of how the Hebrews must have felt, not being allowed to eat with the Egyptians. It could be that they didn’t want to eat with them. But, none the less, I am certain that being ostracized affected them. It would affect anybody.

Genesis 43:32
So they set him a place by himself, and them by themselves, and the Egyptians who ate with him by themselves; because the Egyptians could not eat food with the Hebrews, for that is an abomination to the Egyptians.

As a child, I spent a lot of time being alone while it seemed like the rest of the world was passing me by. I looked for different things to fill my loneliness. In such times, my imagination ran wild. Some of the things I imagined were innocent, but many were not so pure. In fact, if it were truly known, they were very destructive.

Jesus understood lonliness quite well. There were times that He sought it, needing time away from the multitudes. However, there were other times when He cried out that the loneliness might leave Him. One of those times was on the cross, when He cried out, “My God, My God! Why have You forsaken Me?”

When I invited Jesus into my life, the loneliness that hurt my heart left me. From that moment I would never eat alone again. Oh how He alone fills the lonely heart!

Matthew 28:20
“…lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”