“All I want is pancake batter.”


This afternoon, one of my fellow pastors (Alan Chappell) and I leave for Europe and a whirlwind twelve day trip through Germany, Austria, and Croatia. We are going to be visiting several of the missionaries we have supported over the years. I will be teaching on a number of occasions to include leadership meetings, Sunday services, and wherever else the Lord has in mind. Alan will be teaching in Austria about Children’s Ministry.

We welcome every opportunity to take things to these dear saints, things that they might not ordinarily be able to get. We like to spoil them a bit in appreciation for their faithful commitment to fulfill the Great Commission through preaching of the Gospel to the nations. They never ask for much. In fact, you have to twist their arm to get them to ask for anything.

I sent an email to one of our missionaries simply asking, “Is there anything you need?” Do you want to know what their response was?

“Would it be possible to bring some instant pancake mix? The youth group will be selling waffles next month to raise money for missions….it is so easier to have a mix that just needs water for the kids to mix in rather than having them make it from scratch. If it is too much trouble,you don’t need to bring it.”

I immediately thought to myself, “Absolutely!” I don’t care how much trouble it is. Life in the mission field is hard and anything we can do to ease some of the challenges it brings…we are so happy to do it.

It is in times like this that I am reminded how easy it is to get complacent with the overabundance of conveniences that we have in the states. All of those conveniences we take for granted. I am looking forward to the next twelve days. I pray for wisdom, for strength, and that I will be able to push myself hard to minister to these faithful servants of God.

I will be doing my best to blog along the way, though I am not sure what the internet situation will be like. If you think about it, please pray for safe travels and that God might use us in any manner He would choose.