Misplaced Devotion


“There is a vast difference between devotion to a person and devotion to principles or to a cause. Our Lord never proclaimed a cause— He proclaimed personal devotion to Himself. To be a disciple is to be a devoted bondservant motivated by love for the Lord Jesus.” Oswald Chambers

We are certainly seeing the reality of this today aren’t we? So many Christians jumping on the latest “social cause” bandwagon at the expense of a deep devotion to Jesus. How subtle the enemy is to dupe us into believing that devotion to a cause and devotion to Jesus are one in the same.

I pray that our devotion to the Biblical teachings of Jesus would always take precedence over all else. He tells us what we should be most devoted to…and we must never waiver.

“The Conditions of Discipleship”, July 2, 2015


What Do I Want?


I try to read two different devotionals every morning: A.W. Tozer’s “Mornings with Tozer: Daily Devotional Readings”, and Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost for His Highest”. Rarely does either of these fail to stir my soul and draw me closer to God. Every once in awhile one so captivates me that I want to read it again and then I want  to share it with others.

Nothing is easier than getting into a right relationship with God except when it is not God Whom you want but only what He gives.

Today’s devotional answers key questions about prayer, about what God wants in a relationship with us, and the reason we ask for things when the Bible tells us that He already knows what we need.

I hope you enjoy and are greatly blessed…I know that I was!

Seekest thou great things for thyself? Jeremiah 45:5.

Are you seeking great things for yourself? Not seeking to be a great one, but seeking great things from God for yourself. God wants you in a closer relationship to Himself than receiving His gifts, He wants you to get to know Him. A great thing is accidental, it comes and goes. God never gives us anything accidental. Nothing is easier than getting into a right relationship with God except when it is not God Whom you want but only what He gives.

If you have only come the length of asking God for things, you have never come to the first strand of abandonment, you have become a Christian from a standpoint of your own. ‘I did ask God for the Holy Spirit, but He did not give me the rest and the peace I expected.’ Instantly God puts His finger on the reason—you are not seeking the Lord at all, you are seeking something for yourself. Jesus says—“Ask, and it shall be given you.” Ask God for what you want, and you cannot ask if you are not asking for a right thing. When you draw near to God, you cease from asking for things. “Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask Him.” Then why ask? That you may get to know Him.

Are you seeking great things for yourself—‘O Lord, baptize me with the Holy Ghost’? If God does not, it is because you are not abandoned enough to Him, there is something you will not do. Are you prepared to ask yourself what it is you want from God, and why you want it? God always ignores the present perfection for the ultimate perfection. He is not concerned about making you blessed and happy just now; He is working out His ultimate perfection all the time—“that they may be one even as We are.”