“I’ve missed you!”


Wow…I cannot believe how time flies! It has been a little over three weeks since my last post, the longest gap since creating my new blog. Time just seems to slip away doesn’t it?

Since my last post I have been to Nashville to visit my son and daughter-in-law and their three daughters. What beautiful girls they are!

While I was there, it just “so happened” that they were having a Summit 9 conference (a conference on adoption and foster care). The conference started nine years ago with 39 people and has grown to some 2,000 people who were in attendance. It was good to hear the Lord’s heart for the orphans and how the body of Christ is stepping up to take care of them.

From there I headed (by bus…but that is another story for another blog) to Birmingham, Alabama to meet up with one of our pastors who just “happen to be” on vacation at the same time there was a Radical Intensive conference entitled “The Local Church and Global Disciple-Making”. They got the intensive part right as we had three days, two of which were from 8:30 in the morning to 9:00 at night, with very little break in-between. It was hosted by The Church at Brook Hills, the church that David Platt pastors. For those of you who may not know David, he is the one who wrote “Radical” and most recently “Follow Me”.

It was their first conference of this type and a once in a lifetime to sit in such an intimate setting with 106 pastors and leaders from the US and Mexico. I don’t expect that there will be many more conferences like that one where you can hear directly from and interact with a man like David Platt whom God is using mightily to impact the church and world for Jesus Christ. I wish I had the time to share more of all that took place but must admit that I am still trying to process it all myself.

I just love all of the “just happens” in our lives. They encourage me that God is constantly at work in our lives. I returned home eager to continue in the ministry of preaching and teaching God’s word, rejuvenated in my faith, and filled with anticipation about all the Lord wants to do and is going to do in these last days in which we live. I so want to be used of Him.

I really enjoyed the south and came back with a deep appreciation of that culture as well as a couple of pounds heavier from all that “southern style cooking” I ate (macaroni and cheese, barbecue port, sweet potato pie, grits, etc.). I also came back with a southern cold, which simply means when you cough, you cough with a bit of a southern drawl.

It is so good to be back…and looking forward to getting back into the regular routine of blogging again. So many posts come to my mind, but sometimes lack the discipline and time to sit down and write them.

All of this to say…”I’ve missed you!”